Cynthia presently works as a substitute teacher in the Kendall, Holley and Albion school districts.  She studied English at the University of Rochester and SUNY Brockport, where she recieved a bachelor's degree in creative writing.  At Brockport, she also earned a teaching certificate in childhood education. She is currently completing her master's degree in American History. Cynthia has two children, Ruth and Emmett. Ruth is 17 and Emmett is 13. One of their favorite things to do together is reading. They have over 2,000 books in their collection. When Cynthia was a child her mother used to read to her on a daily basis and she has many fond memories of that time, which is probably why she has had such a passion for reading all her life. As a tutor trainer, Cynthia is hoping to help our volunteers inspire in their students a similar love of reading.